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  • I would rate them 10 stars

    I would rate them 10 stars if I can. My speeding ticket got dismissed. Thanks to Attorney Megan. They won't let you down. I recommend Callahan Law if you guys need an attorney.

  • Callahan Law Firm went above and beyond taking care of my case.

    Callahan Law Firm went above and beyond taking care of my case. I received my first DUI and immediately did some research in the state of WA for the best law firm to handle these types of cases. Clearly I chose well, because not only did they work out a deal with the judge to get the DUI lowered to Negligent Driving, but I also did not receive any jail time, probation or a parole officer. I only had to pay the fees for Callahan Law's services, as well as a court fee, to earn my driving privileges back! They walked me through every step, including the SR22 insurance needed to start driving again. Stephen Grant represented me, and he made everything super easy and simple to understand. Excellent service, and I would definitely recommend this law firm to anybody else in the same situation as me (in fact, I already have).

  • Linda Callahan just saved my job, my house and my future by truly fighting for me.

    Linda Callahan just saved my job, my house and my future by truly fighting for me. You see attorneys on TV fighting for their clients, pulling up case law and using every nugget of evidence that they can find to defend their clients. Then when you get in the real world one tends to wonder why it seems like an attorney just wants to railroad you through the system and keep friends with the judges and prosecutors. All the while you begin to wonder just whose side he/she is on? I never once wondered that with Linda Callahan. Her staff communicated with me CLEARLY during the whole case and Ms. Callahan contacted me just as much to make sure that I understood everything about the case and then even explained her approach/attack. She NEVER left me wondering. This is far from my first go round on a DUI case. I have a very reputable job and thought I had NO chance at keeping my job due to this being my 4th charge of DUI. I had already written off my job and hence my home, investments, income, and ability to provide for my family. Time and again Ms. Callahan refused the prosecutors offer because she thoroughly reviewed the video and audio and was wise enough to see errors in the police reports. She wrote a motion that made it clear to me that she actually watched the video and listened to audio of the arrest. My guess is that she watched it several times by the very thorough and extensive motion that she wrote. As it turns out, that motion to suppress much evidence was enough to reduce my charges which allowed me to keep my job and be able to continue providing for my family. I am busy man and have much to do besides write reviews on attorneys, but I wanted to give credit where credit is due. I also wanted the reader of this to give him/herself the best advantage at their case by knowing WHY they should chose Linda Callahan to defend their case. On that day after I was arrested I found myself frantically looking up attorneys. If I hadn't chose Ms. Callahan that day, I have no doubt in mind, that I could be down at the county jail right now eating a peanut butter sandwich.

  • I would highly recommend this firm, they really do go above and beyond for their clients.

    I contacted Callahan Law after I received my first DUI, I also talked with over 8 different lawyers but Linda was the only one who seemed to actually care about my situation and wanted to help me whether I chose her firm or not. After deciding to use Callahan Law I met with one of their lawyers who was extremely helpful. Since this was my first DUI charge I had no idea what to expect but Stephen (the lawyer I met with) went through the whole process of what I should expect. Any time I would have a question I would call or text and they would get back to me immediately. Through this very stressful time they made it very easy and simple taking care of everything that they could. And no matter who I talked to they all were always very sincere and kind. I ended up getting my DUI reduced to a negligent driving. I would highly recommend this firm, they really do go above and beyond for their clients.

  • Linda, you truly are my HERO, thank you!

    Dear Ms. Callahan, I wanted to thank you again for working on [N’s] case. My heart was filled with joy when the case was dismissed. I thanked God for finding you. I have been dealing with legal matters since I lost my [other] son in 1997. Through the journey I have met several Attorneys and some of them I have liked very much, but sad as it sounds, none of them have taken the time to do thorough investigations, and have the courage to stand up for the client – they have been very conservative. Sometime[s], it made me wondered [sic] if they were really working in our favor or in favor of the Prosecutors and the Court. When I was looking for an Attorney for [N’s] … case, I was skeptical because of my previous experiences. I am so glad I followed my son’s instincts when he said he wanted to have Linda Callahan as his Attorney. I am so pleased with you and your staff. Everyone conducted themselves as true professionals, but at the same time, they were caring, looked for our best interest, and treat[ed] us with respect. You don’t see that very often in the Legal Professional field. Please extend my appreciation to [your staff]. I hope I don’t have the need to ever have an Attorney again, but if I do, you can be sure, I will be looking for Linda Callahan to represent me or any member of my family. Also, if I know someone in need of a good Attorney, one who will stand up for them, I will strongly encourage them to contact and hire Linda M. Callahan. Linda, you truly are my HERO, thank you!

  • Team Callahan went above and beyond all my expectations and restored my faith in attorneys.

    I woke up Sunday morning in a panic to find legal help to address my biggest life mistake, getting charged with a DUI the night before. I searched the internet, sent emails, and left messages. After about an hour, I received a phone call from Callahan Law (the only one to ever call back) who was able to answer my initial questions, provide guidance, and set a free consultation appointment for the upcoming week.

    After the first 30 minute meeting I knew I was in good hands. They explained the process, assigned a dedicated lawyer, and even offered a flat fee which put my mind at ease. Throughout my case, I had multiple conversations with their staff who was always responsive, willing to listen, and most importantly demonstrated expertise in their area of responsibility.

    Team Callahan went above and beyond all my expectations and restored my faith in attorneys. They did exactly as promised, were well organized, and worked together for a successful outcome. My lawyer even picked me up and drove me to the final hearing! Thank you Stephen, Linda, Chris, Jacey and Toni for a job well DONE!

  • I am enormously grateful.

    I am enormously grateful. A small token of appreciation to you and your staff for all you’re doing.

  • I want to thank you for your services

    Pass this along to Linda as well. I want to thank you for your services…because of your efforts I was able to keep my job…again, thank you very much for your help.

  • I thank you for your help...You guys were THE BEST.

    I thank you for your help. I will however, never, and I mean never….need you again. You guys were THE BEST.

  • Thank you for all your time and effort

    Thank you for all your time and effort. I really appreciate everything. Thank you Keith and staff

  • Blue Skies have returned. Thank You.

    Blue Skies have returned. Thank You.

  • Many thanks to you for the excellent job on my case!

    Many thanks to you for the excellent job on my case! I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to have that burden lifted. You guys did a great job for me (twice now) as well as for [T]. I wish you much success in your future and I will most definitely recommend your office to others in need of excellent representation! Thanks.

  • I wanted to take the time to say a formal thank you!

    I wanted to take the time to say a formal thank you! All of you...Linda...Marisa...and anyone else in the office that has had to hear me whine and rant and fret. This has been a life changing experience for me….Although I am not a big drinker...and still stand by the fact that that [I] wasn’t impaired, I have dissected the situation from every angle possible and have learned so much through the process. I have found that even small decisions made can have a ripple effect on the people you love (mainly my kids) I am a stronger person than I thought, and that true friends stick with you even in the ugly times. I have found that a prayer and a guess in a phone book can lead you to the right person that can change your life through kindness, knowledge and strength. Although the reason for meeting you has been of great distress for me, I hold you all dear…and am forever grateful. I am beside myself with relief…I am so happy to have the privilege to drive my daughter to the first day of school next week!

  • Thanks, you guys are great!

    Thanks, you guys are great!

  • Your representation has been a refreshing experience.

    Dear Linda, [C ] and I want to express our appreciation in your handling his recent case. I am especially thankful for your consistently being available and responsive thruout [sic] the past couple of months. Your representation has been a refreshing experience. Your brightness combined with your “down-to-earth” style has truly helped overall. Also, a “thank you” to your assistant, the both of you make an awesome team! Thanks again!

  • I thank you for your devotion, experience and expertise.

    I thank you for your time. I thank you for your consideration. I thank you for your devotion, experience and expertise. I hope all the love, I hope all your dreams come true, but most of all, I hope good things for you.

  • A small token of appreciation

    Card with floral arrangement: “I’m enormously grateful. A small token of appreciation to you and your staff for all you’re doing.

  • I would most definitely recommend Linda

    Given a very unique set of circumstances, I needed to hire a DUI lawyer. I talked to a couple of lawyers but also researched more online. I discovered Linda Callahan and decided to contact her firm. I was immediately impressed by their genuine, personal concern for my situation. I discussed my situation and completed the paperwork they had asked for. They were extremely informative, provided thorough info, and deciding to hire Ms. Callahan just felt right. She and her team provided excellent advice, amazing and personal service during the entire process. Ms. Callahan has an amazing amount of knowledge concerning DUI law, procedural details that law enforcement are required to follow during field sobriety evaluation and arrest, etc. Due to details involved in my case, she and her team did an amazing amount of research into case law that would aid in my defense. Ms. Callahan provided excellent, personal attention to the details of my case, treating me with compassion and respect throughout the entire process. As we worked through the court procedures, she was always very careful, thoughtful and informative. In the end, we could not get the prosecutor to agree to a resolution in the matter, so we decided it would be best to go to trial. Again, Ms. Callahan was very knowledgeable about the process and remained very concerned about my personal comfort with everything and the decisions on how to proceed were always left up to me. In the end, we were successful in defending my case before a jury and I was found not guilty to the charge of DUI. I would most definitely recommend Linda and her team to anyone, do not hesitate to call her firm if you find yourself in need of an excellent DUI defense team!

  • Yes Officer, I saw the speed limit sign... I just didn't see you!

    Nice day. On my way to work. Top down. Music up. Got an important meeting. Had been stuck behind a stupid Prius. Now running a little late. A whopping 5 mph over the speed limit. Lights go on. Pull over and NEVER got nervous. Writes me my ticket. Don't care. Know I'm going to call Callahan and that ticket is going goodbye. Opened my email account. Ticket dismissed. I rarely get a speeding ticket, but I've never paid one because of Callahan. Used them twice now. Best. Ever. Thank You!

  • I am very thankful for the help that was given

    I have received three dui's and two of them have been handled by the Callahan Law office. They're legal advice as well as affordable prices are beyond the satisfactory level. I have received my license back after retaining Jacey Liu (Callahan Law office), that would not have happened otherwise. She was as knowledgeable as she was helpful to my situation, also very pleasant to speak with. I am very thankful for the help that was given, and would retain them over all others I have dealt with in the past.

  • Thank you, Linda, Stephen, and your entire firm.

    Recently I was arrested for physical control DUI. For the next few days I was reeling. I needed help. I drive for a living. Losing my license meant losing my job. Losing my job meant losing my medical insurance for my family. In my case this could simply not happen. I was recommended to Callahan Law and I called Linda. From our very first phone conversation I could tell Linda's expert advice came from years of experience. That in itself was calming, like I was in good hands. Then the legal strategies unfolded during the next few court dates and the impact of this DUI was dramatically minimized. I kept my job. Linda's team was right beside me through this entire affair. Every question I had was welcome and was answered promptly and professionally. I was courteously reminded of upcoming dates and deadlines by Linda's staff. Being charged with a DUI can be overwhelming but step by step Callahan Law kept my informed, kept me updated and kept me calm. Thank you, Linda, Stephen, and your entire firm.

  • I am eternally grateful for their help.

    Needing an attorney is a scarey and overwhelming event in ones life... I found that the entire system urges a person into the path of least resistance... Which would not have been wise in my case. Fortunately I had the assistance and direction of professionals at Callahan Law to guide me through the following few months...

    I had questions, concerns, and fears through out the process, and with a phone call or email, I was able to get nearly immediate empathetic responces. This adequately convinced me that I had the done well choosing the right team to help me thru a very difficult time.

    The positive results of my case were never promised... All possible outcomes we clearly prepped for... My attorney was able to expedite a deal that not only reduced the conviction substantially but was able to do so at the readiness hearing weeks earlier then I had expected. Needless to say this was such a relief to me as well as to my entire family...

    I would and have recommended Callahan Law to people in need of traffic law representation. Fairly priced and friendly competent service... I am eternally grateful for their help.

  • Linda is a Excellent Lawyer

    I recently retained Linda Callahan to represent me in a DUI case (this was my 2nd DUI in 7 years). The very first day that I contacted her office, I knew that she would be the attorney that I would retain. First, Chris (Linda’s paralegal) contacted me after office hours and talked with me for over an hour helping me get my self-esteem up after spending 3 nights in jail and being treated like a criminal. From the moment that I walked into their office for my initial consultation, they treated me with the utmost respect, educated me on the legal process, and patiently walked me through everything that I needed to do. And then there is Linda… I have to say that Linda Callahan is one of the smartest, knowledgeable, friendliest, dedicated, and compassionate people that I have ever met. Due to her experience, she has many connections in the system and she is well respected. I remember Linda walking up to the prosecutor before court in the courtroom and had asked if he would consider lowering the DUI charge a reckless driving charge. The prosecutor immediately tried to intimidate her by saying that the arresting officer is one of the most senior officers and he trains other officers on DUI arrests. She did not back down, instead she told the prosecutor that was a very good thing and she didn’t want to deal with anyone that lacked the experience. Although he did not agree with her request at this time, his demeanor immediately changed. As a result of Linda’s hard work and knowledge, she was able to my DUI charge lowered to a reckless driving charge. There are some things that you just can’t do on your own, without legal advice and I highly recommend Callahan Law!!

  • I thank everyone at Callahan Law

    I recently retained Linda Callahan to represent me in a dui case. We went deferred with the case and she could not have been more helpful. She clearly explained all that I needed to do before our court date and stayed in contact with me to monitor my progress. She also was quick to return my calls when I had questions. Linda and her entire staff took very good care of me in this matter. One year later, I needed her again for driving w/o an ignition interlock. Normally, this would result in the revocation of my deferred case. But, because of her willingness to fight on my behalf due to my otherwise complete compliance with my deferred case, she was able to get the court to defer this case as well. Again, Linda and her entire staff worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome and their hard work in this matter has made it possible for me to continue with this program and enjoy my freedom. I thank everyone at Callahan Law for this.

  • Please CALL LINDA CALLAHAN!! You will be VERY glad you did!!

    If you are reading my review, I can promise you are in good hands and you've come to the right place!

    I got my DUI the beginning of April. Linda was not the first lawyer I called, and I think that's a good thing. I talked to a few others and then Linda's firm. I was blown away! I met with Megan and Stephen and Chris and they all welcomed me. They didn't judge me or butter me up just to earn my business. They were extremely professional and very courteous. They gave me a big stack of papers and told me the reality of my situation and made themselves readily available if I had any questions. They were willing to work with me on payment arrangements. Coming to any lawyer in a DUI case is a very hard and difficult situation. I felt my situation was more difficult as I had my child in my car, and they assured me I was not their first case that involved children. Linda's firm has been handling cases for such a long time, and it was comforting to know I wasn't alone in my DUI case involving a child.

    I do want to stress a couple things, make EVERYTHING they tell you to do your first priority and get it done fast! And you only have 20 days to request the DOL hearing from the date of your arrest, that's why you need to call her now! And BE HONEST with her team of experts! You are not their only client, there's nothing they haven't heard before. If you truly want the best outcome in your DUI case, call Linda, they will help you!

    I didn't think my charge could get reduced, especially since I had my daughter with me. At my first pre-trial hearing, Megan got my DUI charge reduced to Neglient Driving. And that's a really good outcome!

    Megan always answered my millions of emails to her and Linda so quickly. She always kept my informed and I felt I could ask her anything.

    I would highly recommend them to anyone going through a DUI. And I now keep her business card in my car if ever this should happen again...which it won't!

  • Linda Callahan is amazing!

    I am beyond grateful for the knowledge, incredible energy and determination Linda Callahan and her team put into my case. I had never had any legal issues in my life, not even a speeding ticket, and was shocked with what police can do and get away with. Linda spent an incredible amount of time and energy discovering every mistake and inappropriate action taken by the officer. Because of her incredible knowledge and understanding of DUI law and her professional yet determined actions in court she was able to get the best results we could hope for. I was very, very fortunate to have found Callahan Law and highly recommend them. They are the best of the best!

  • Hit & Run Dismissed

    I contacted Callahan figuring I would get at least $1000 in fines and a license suspension, possibly jail time. Over the course of 6 or 7 months, Stephen Grant was able to get a dismissal, and I only had to pay $100 in court fees.

    If I or anyone I know ever needs a lawyer for a similar situation, I am definitely recommending Callahan Law.

  • Real Professionals!

    Linda Callahan and the rest of her team are all real PROFESSIONALS! They help me and kept in touch with me since day 1 thru the end with great results... I live out of town and they did everything posible to resolve my case with only 1 appearance in court, also help get my DUI evaluation and 1 day course done (with very short notice) before the hearing.. Even at the Evalutaion/course center i kept hearing how organized and professionals they are at Callahan Law...


    I had the unfortunate situation of being caught in a Mason County trap where the highway bends near Hurley Waldrip to which I was interrogated and prosecuted. Although I had a BAC well below the legal limit, I was still charged with a DUI due to “probable cause”, and no mercy was shown during my arraignment.

    This was one of the worst experiences I've ever been through. To be unfairly prosecuted, and put through such an experience is something that no law abiding citizen should have to go through.

    Upon high recommendation and great consideration, I hired Callahan Law to be my legal defense.

    Although there was no instant fix, from that day forward my situation got better. From the beginning I was impressed with the high level of knowledge, it was evident that they were true experts in DUI law.

    Recently I got the unforgettable pleasure of watching Linda fight hard for me in court, and at the very last minute of my 3rd pre-trial hearing my case was DISMISSED!

    Linda is truly an amazing individual who evokes undeniable passion for what she does, and the clients she represents.

    I am very grateful for Linda, Kim and the Callahan Law team for their support and legal expertise fighting for me. I highly recommend Callahan Law to anyone in need of a DUI lawyer.

    Thank you!

  • Wow, just freakin wow.

    Not only did they win my case for me but Stephen Grant made everything so simple and easy to understand not to mention that the outcome of my case was SIGNIFICANTLY better than I could have hoped. Really sincerely top notch service in every aspect of the word. Not that I hope to ever need his help again but I would call Callahan Law without a shadow of a doubt. Literally thanks a million Mr. Grant.

  • Callahan Law Review DUI Case

    I am very happy with my experience working with Callahan Law. I was always able to contact them when I had questions and would receive knowledgeable responses in a timely manner. They were compassionate and professional. I received the best possible outcome for my case.

  • Great people!

    I can not thank Callahan law enough for what they did for me. I have a small driving history so I can't afford to have something else on my record and they prevented that from happening.


    My son received a DUI on a Sunday early AM and was given a mandatory hearing for the next day. We called Linda Callahan and left a message, hoping to hear from her Monday morning. She returned our call Sunday afternoon and talked to us for over an hour and then several times during the night plus emails. We hired her that day. By Monday at 1:30 PM before the hearing started she had the situation resolved. I have never had any professional work so hard and diligently for us. She genuinely cares about her clients and never hesitated to give up her Sunday to defend my son. We are truly grateful for Linda and her staff.

  • Speeding ticket

    We called Callahan Law for help when our daughter got a speeding ticket. Kimberly Bialock took over immediately and professionally. Not only was she knowledgable but also friendly when working with a 16 year old. The outcome was money well spent. I would highly recommend Callahan Law Group.

  • Thank you very much!

    Hello Keith and all the wonderful people at Callahan Law. This letter is far far too late in coming to you considering the excellent work you did. Well Keith, I hope your car is a little cleaner for awhile [car wash gift cards enclosed]….I must say that my own impression of people who receive a DUI is less than stellar. Everyone I met or talked to in your office treated me very well and respectfully. This made my embarrassment and fear of the future much more tolerable. Thank you Alison, Marisa, Mark, Linda and especially Keith. The ability to contact Keith or someone at any time also helped calm things whenever I opened my mailbox and received another letter from Kent or the Department of Licensing. This was important to me and helped me evaluate things better and more clearly when I asked my questions – even after 5:00PM or on the weekend. Obviously, any of this experience was all new to me. Keith and Mark were beyond patient in explaining and answering my questions (sometimes for the third time). Their knowledge (and Linda’s) is very impressive and aided greatly in helping me make decisions regarding my predicament. I’m, of course, very pleased with the outcome of my process. Had things been different I would still be writing you a similar letter. One thing that I thought of when we first began was whether any attorney would truly work hard for my benefit. It became clearer that your office did care and worked hard on my behalf. Keith’s (and other’s) notes, plans of attack, motion to dismiss, suppression orders and other items indicated your great effort to help me. Again, I want to thank you all very much for your help and concern. We will not meet again under the same circumstances but you will mean a great deal to me and my law experience was a very positive one. Thank you very much!

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