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I am enormously grateful. A small token of appreciation to you and your staff for all you’re doing. - Anon.

Pass this along to Linda as well. I want to thank you for your services…because of your efforts I was able to keep my job…again, thank you very much for your help. - Anon.

I thank you for your help. I will however, never, and I mean never….need you again. You guys were THE BEST. - Anon.

Thank you for all your time and effort. I really appreciate everything. Thank you Keith and staff. - SS

“Blue Skys have returned, Thank You. - P.G.”

“Many thanks to you for the excellent job on my case!  I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to have that burden lifted.  You guys did a great job for me (twice now) as well as for [T].  I wish you much success in your future and I will most definitely recommend your office to others in need of excellent representation!  Thanks. - D.S.”

“I wanted to take the time to say a formal thank you!  All of you...Linda...Marisa...and anyone else in the office that has had to hear me whine and rant and fret.  This has been a life changing experience for me….Although I am not a big drinker...and still stand by the fact that that [I] wasn’t impaired, I have dissected the situation from every angle possible and have learned so much through the process.  I have found that even small decisions made can have a ripple effect on the people you love (mainly my kids) I am a stronger person than I thought, and that true friends stick with you even in the ugly times.  I have found that a prayer and a guess in a phone book can lead you to the right person that can change your life through kindness, knowledge and strength.  Although the reason for meeting you has been of great distress for me, I hold you all dear…and am forever grateful.  I am beside myself with relief…I am so happy to have the privilege to drive my daughter to the first day of school next week!  - J.”

Card with floral arrangement:  “Thanks, you guys are great! - M.B.”

“Dear Linda, [C ] and I want to express our appreciation in your handling his recent case.  I am especially thankful for your consistently being available and responsive thruout [sic] the past couple of months.  Your representation has been a refreshing experience.  Your brightness combined with your “down-to-earth” style has truly helped overall.  Also, a “thank you” to your assistant, the both of you make an awesome team!  Thanks again!  - L.T.”

“I thank you for your time.  I thank you for your consideration.  I thank you for your devotion, experience and expertise.  I hope all the love, I hope all your dreams come true, but most of all, I hope good things for you. - D.K.”

“Dear Ms. Callahan, I wanted to thank you again for working on [N’s] case.  My heart was filled with joy when the case was dismissed.  I thanked God for finding you.  I have been dealing with legal matters since I lost my [other] son in 1997.   Through the journey I have met several Attorneys and some of them I have liked very much, but sad as it sounds, none of them have taken the time to do thorough investigations, and have the courage to stand up for the client – they have been very conservative.  Sometime[s], it made me wondered [sic] if they were really working in our favor or in favor of the Prosecutors and the Court.  When I was looking for an Attorney for [N’s] … case, I was skeptical because of my previous experiences.  I am so glad I followed my son’s instincts when he said he wanted to have Linda Callahan as his Attorney.  I am so pleased with you and your staff.  Everyone conducted themselves as true professionals, but at the same time, they were caring, looked for our best interest, and treat[ed] us with respect.  You don’t see that very often in the Legal Professional field.  Please extend my appreciation to [your staff].  I hope I don’t have the need to ever have an Attorney again, but if I do, you can be sure, I will be looking for Linda Callahan to represent me or any member of my family.  Also, if I know someone in need of a good Attorney, one who will stand up for them, I will strongly encourage them to contact and hire Linda M. Callahan.  Linda, you truly are my HERO, thank you! - C.K.”

Card with floral arrangement: “I’m enormously grateful.  A small token of appreciation to you and your staff for all you’re doing. - K.”

“Hi Marisa, The meeting went very well with Mr. Hall.  I’m very impressed with what your firm has to offer to my case.  I was really impressed with [the] dedication and level of commitment your firm is willing to put forth.  I’m very thankful that I was able to meet Mr. Hall more or less on my terms.  I felt I was treated as an individual and not a criminal.  That was very refreshing after talking with many so called “DUI” attorneys; I feel that if anyone is going to represent me, I want it to be Callahan Law. - G.T.”

“Hello Keith and all the wonderful people at Callahan Law.  This letter is far far too late in coming to you considering the excellent work you did.  Well Keith, I hope your car is a little cleaner for awhile [car wash gift cards enclosed]….I must say that my own impression of people who receive a DUI is less than stellar.  Everyone I met or talked to in your office treated me very well and respectfully.  This made my embarrassment and fear of the future much more tolerable.  Thank you Alison, Marisa, Mark, Linda and especially Keith.  The ability to contact Keith or someone at any time also helped calm things whenever I opened my mailbox and received another letter from Kent or the Department of Licensing.  This was important to me and helped me evaluate things better and more clearly when I asked my questions – even after 5:00PM or on the weekend.  Obviously, any of this experience was all new to me.   Keith and Mark were beyond patient in explaining and answering my questions (sometimes for the third time).  Their knowledge (and Linda’s) is very impressive and aided greatly in helping me make decisions regarding my predicament.  I’m, of course, very pleased with the outcome of my process.  Had things been different I would still be writing you a similar letter.  One thing that I thought of when we first began was whether any attorney would truly work hard for my benefit.  It became clearer that your office did care and worked hard on my behalf.  Keith’s (and other’s) notes, plans of attack, motion to dismiss, suppression orders and other items indicated your great effort to help me.  Again, I want to thank you all very much for your help and concern.  We will not meet again under the same circumstances but you will mean a great deal to me and my law experience was a very positive one.  Thank you very much! - M.A.”

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