Of Counsel

Bret Michael Woody grew up in Tacoma, Washington, the city which he still calls his home. Watching the justice system work for some and not for others led him to his career as a criminal defense attorney. As a law student at Seattle University, Bret spent a year and a half providing public defense work in the King County court system. His work showed him every aspect of the criminal court system – from the jail to the jury. The diversity of this court experience showed him a multitude of different defendants and case facts. During this time, he was able to learn the trade from some of the absolute best in the criminal defense business. Once passing the bar in 2014, he continued on with his commitment to indigent defense, working first as a public defender in Mason County, and then with the City of Olympia. Now fully private, he still keeps a fee structure which allows him to help people of different socioeconomic backgrounds; defending those who would otherwise be without representation.

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