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DUI Hearing – Arraignment

Your first DUI court date is called your arraignment. So your arraignment is the formal start of your criminal case that means you’re going to be formally charged with the crime of driving under the influence or any other charges that might be associated with your arrest. So at that time, you can enter a plea of not guilty. That’s typically what’s done at the arraignment you have the right to enter a plea of not guilty and you have the right to have a formal investigation into your case and have the state or municipality prove that case against you.

So even if you feel like you’re absolutely, definitely guilty of the crime that you’re charged with you can enter a plea of not guilty and have that complete investigation and that’s what we do here at Callahan Law. We’re here to defend your case and to do that complete investigation to make sure that everything was done properly in your case.

At that court date after you’ve entered a plea the court will set your conditions of release. The court could determine that you need to be taken into custody at that time to post a bail. If you’ve already posted a bail you may have to post additional bail to what’s already been posted. Most people will be released on their own personal recognizance, which means that you promise to come back to all future court dates that are scheduled.

In addition, some courts may require that you not consume drugs or alcohol while your case is pending and they will require that you return to all future court dates. So we will absolutely be ready to help you at your first court appearance and all future court appearances here at Callahan Law.

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What to expect at a DUI Arraignment?
What to expect at a DUI Arraignment?
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What to expect at a DUI Arraignment?
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