How Accurate Are Breathalyzers?

Radio Frequency Interference:BAC | Breath Test Device

Electronic equipment in use in the area of a breath test device may interfere with the accuracy of the device’s measurements, and cause it to report inaccurate results.

Some devices that can interfere with the proper functioning of the breath test machine include:

  • Refrigerators
  • Air conditioners
  • Police radios
  • Cell phones
  • Electronic or radio-controlled doors in jails
  • Other electrical devices

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Conducting an Extensive Investigation into Your CaseHow Accurate Are Breathalyzers? | Washington State DUI Lawyers

Some of these devices may cause errors in breath test results if the breath test machine shares a power circuit with the other instrument, and some may interfere because they are in use too close to the machine. It is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable Washington DUI attorney conduct a thorough investigation if you do not believe your breath test report accurately reflects how much alcohol you actually drank. This investigation can help determine whether radio frequency interference or another outside factor may have influenced your test result.

Our experienced Washington DUI attorneys will be aware of the proper methods of conducting such an investigation and will know how to interpret clues that point to a radio frequency interference or other defense. Attorney Linda M. Callahan, our firm’s founder, has written THE legal reference book on Washington DUI laws that is widely used to guide judges and attorneys through the maze of diverse laws this complex legal arena. Under her well-versed direction, our legal team has the skills and resources to provide you with high-caliber legal representation.


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