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Linda M. CWashington DUI Practice Manualallahan, Prestigious Choice Of Thomson Reuters Since 2006

The Washington DUI Practice Manual is THE trusted source for DUI Laws in our state.  Published by one of the largest media firms in the world, Thompson Reuters is a reliable source for attorneys to research and learn the law.  The Washington DUI Practice Manual sells over 1,000 units every year and is purchased by defense attorney’s, prosecutors and judges.

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The Washington DUI Practice Manual Includes:

A chronological order of a DUI Case

  • Probable Cause to Stop
  • Pre-Arrest Observations and Road-Side Testing
  • Chemical Testing (Breath and Blood Tests)
  • The Charging of the Criminal DUI Offense
  • The Discovery (Evidentiary Elements of the Case)
  • Pretrial Process
  • Department of Licensing (DOL Hearings)
  • Department of Licensing (Ignition Interlock License)

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