An aggravated DUI is a more a serious DUI than a simple DUI. A DUI starts out with a BAC over .08. What’s going to take to an aggravated DUI is when your BAC, which is your blood or breath alcohol content is over a .15 that is going to automatically increase the mandatory minimum penalties that someone could be facing.

Aggravated DUI Facts

The mandatory penalties that someone faces with a DUI conviction can include:

  • jail time
  • fines
  • ignition interlock requirements and other things that are determined by the courts.

So other aggravated factors in a DUI case could include:

  • Accidents, could include having a passenger in a vehicle under the age of 16.
  • It could include priors. If you have a prior offense a DUI or if the offense even if it’s been reduced to a lesser crime then that’s going to be looked at as an aggravating circumstance.

In Washington, we look at things in chunks of seven years. So if you have a conviction in the last seven years or within seven years of your new charge that is going to increase the penalties you could be facing as far as mandatory minimum penalties are concerned.

So if you’re concerned that you have an aggravated DUI or you want to more about the penalties that you might be facing if convicted of your DUI then you can definitely call us at Callahan Law and we can help you.

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What is an aggravated DUI?
What is an aggravated DUI?
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What is an aggravated DUI?
Attorney Megan M. Dunn explains Aggravated DUI in Washington State.
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