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Meet Callahan Law, P.S., Inc.

Top 5 Reasons Why People Choose Callahan Law, P.S., Inc.

The vast majority of our clients’ cases are reduced to a charge that carries lesser consequences than the original charge—some are even dismissed.
We cannot promise you a particular outcome. We do promise to devote our knowledge and experience to fighting your case with the same intensity, drive and skill that got excellent results for other clients.

Ms. Callahan is the author of the widely respected Washington DUI Practice Manual, published by the trusted legal publisher —Thomson-West/Reuters.
Her book is a legal resource consulted by judges, defense attorneys and even prosecutors. The respect she has earned as an author carries with her into the courtroom. Our clients have been impressed when judges call upon her in court to answer a legal question to which they do not know the answer.

Compassion and Support
We inspire our clients’ confidence in us.
You may be traumatized by your arrest and fear what is to come. We understand. We’ll guide you at every step, and keep you informed so you’ll know what to expect. We care about each client and go the extra mile to help you get your life back and to keep you driving legally.

Ms. Callahan teaches other lawyers at seminars on breath and blood testing.
She is a graduate of the prestigious Trial Lawyers College, limited to lawyers hand-selected to learn from renowned trial lawyer Gerry Spence. She is trained by the manufacturer of the breath test machine, and owns one herself. She has received the same training as law enforcement in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing—she knows how the tests must be administered and their limitations.

Washington Supreme Court
Watch Ms. Callahan's  Supreme Court Appearance

Many private attorneys, public defenders, and even prosecutors come to watch Ms. Callahan’s trials in order to learn from her.
She handles several phone calls or emails a week from lawyers seeking advice on their cases. She has successfully represented thousands of clients in DUI cases and DOL hearings.

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