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Questions to ask a DUI Lawyer


Are you a leader in DUI Defense?

Known nationwide for DUI Defense our firm is a clear leader in DUI Defense.   Our President, Linda M. Callahan is consistently invited to speak at legal conferences and is the author of the acclaimed Washington DUI Practice Manual. In addition, she teaches other attorneys how to effectively defend these difficult cases.


How many DUI Trials have you handled and what is the percentage of DUI cases in your caseload?

As your defense attorneys, we stand ready to fight for you inside and outside of the courtroom. At Callahan Law, P.S., Inc., 98% of our caseload consists of DUI defense.  We are prepared to take every client’s case to trial, which makes us stronger negotiators.


Do you have advanced training in breath testing machines?

All lawyers in the firm understand the science of infrared spectroscopy-employed breath testing. We own a breath test machine and use it in trials to help jurors understand the mechanics and science of breath testing as well as potential issues that may cause false-positive results.


Do you have advanced training in blood analysis methods?

Ms. Callahan possesses extensive knowledge of blood analysis methods, including gas chromatography, due to her special training at Axion Labs in Chicago. She has studied phlebotomy to learn what can go wrong in forensic blood draws and has written a chapter on blood evidence in her book. This valuable strategic knowledge has been a critically important part of obtaining the best results for clients.


Are you certified in Field Sobriety Testing?

Our lawyers are well-trained in the limitations and proper administration of field sobriety tests, and therefore know when officers err in giving instructions. Ms. Callahan is certified to administer these tests, having been trained by NHTSA-certified instructors.


How many attorneys will be working on my case?

At Callahan Law, P.S., Inc., you will have a compassionate and dedicated team of lawyers and admin staff working on your case. Your case will be assigned a lead attorney but will be worked as a team effort. Ms. Callahan and Mr. Compton work with all of her associate attorneys on every case, developing winning defense strategies.


What information other than the police report do you use to defend your clients?

Every case at Callahan Law, P.S., Inc. is rigorously and thoroughly investigated. We request public records from various agencies to gather evidence in every case. We have clients complete a thorough questionnaire to gather evidence from the client’s perspective. Clients obtain medical records and MSDS from their employers when we suspect inaccurate test results. We leave no stone unturned to find the thread that will unravel the prosecutor’s case against you.


Do you conduct law enforcement and witness interviews?

Interviewing officers and other witnesses, such as phlebotomists, often leads to the discovery of helpful information not written in their reports. The attorneys at Callahan Law, P.S., Inc. are often able to turn what they learn in an interview into a reduced charge, and in some cases, have even obtained case dismissals.


How do you assist clients with licensing and re-licensing?

Callahan Law, P.S., Inc. is committed to helping you keep your driving privileges. We keep our clients informed by advising them of their options and walking them through the process of remaining able to legally drive during a suspension. We help them get their licenses reinstated afterward, and we assist clients by correcting common DOL errors. We take pride in our extensive “beyond the call” service we provide for clients with DOL issues. We know what to do and who to contact to resolve licensing issues.


When a case is completed, what do you provide your clients?

We provide clients with an end-of-case letter containing a simple breakdown of the complicated final court documents which outline requirements on how to stay in compliance with the court. We know that many clients need this assistance to stay in compliance. This letter includes instructions created exclusively for our clients. If followed, this information will ensure that most will never have to come back to court again, and will remain licensed to drive.

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