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Evidence needed for a DUI conviction

At Callahan Law, P.S., Inc. we are very familiar with the evidence-gathering tactics of law enforcement officials and the common errors made by breath test machines. We use this knowledge to create successful DUI Defense Strategies for each client. 

With more than 30 years of experience to our name, we are the reputable law firm you want in your corner.

DUI Police Report Errors

We Challenge the Following Evidence on every case


Probable Cause

Before you were asked to step out of your vehicle, the officer has been gathering evidence to support the arrest.


Field Sobriety Tests

At Callahan Law, we like to call them “Bad Science”, FST’s are virtually impossible to pass, especially if the officer is the one grading you.


Breath Test - BAC

Factory trained, Linda M. Callahan understands the science behind breath testing most attorneys don’t.


Blood Test

With extensive training at Axion Labs in Chicago, Linda M. Callahan has the relevant experience to challenge Blood test evidence.

DUI Case Results

**Updated 08/03/2023**

DUI's Reduced
9 0 %
DUI's Dismissed
DUI's > Neg 1
DUI's > Reckless Driving
DOL Hearings Won
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A DUI Defense Pioneer

Linda M. Callahan helped uncover breath testing issues at the toxicology lab in Washington State.  Resulting in thousands of breath test’s found invalid.

3 Reasons to Hire Us



Our Team of Attorneys and Paralegals has over 30 years of combined experience.  We know the law and understand how to apply it to your case.


Focused on You

We create a custom defense for every client.  Not all cases are the same and we know that.  Your concerns and goals are our top priority.



As a long-time author and speaker, Ms. Callahan is respected across the county for her trial skills and investigative knowledge.  Her reputation proceeds herself when appearing in court.

Snohomish County DUI Attorney

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