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  • If you have recently been charged with a civil or criminal traffic violation in Washington State, Callahan Law, P.S., Inc. is here to help. Because 95% of our practice is limited to traffic defense, our attorneys know the state’s traffic laws inside and out. This is important, as Washington State is known for having some of the most complex and rigid traffic laws in the country.
  • If you have been charged with a misdemeanor driving offense, you may be sentenced to increased fines, community service, a driver’s license suspension, and even jail time. Your insurance rates may also skyrocket once your insurance provider learns of the traffic violation on your record.  
  • Many professions require a clean driving record, such as commercial truck drivers, bus drivers, chauffeurs, and taxi cab drivers. Some traffic violations may affect current and future employment opportunities. By hiring an experienced traffic attorney, you may have a fighting chance at keeping the violation off of your record and saving your job.

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  • At Callahan Law,  we have successfully resolved many traffic cases just like yours. Our attorneys will analyze your case and look for a way to dismiss your charge or negotiate a resolution. Because our attorneys only handle traffic offenses, they are familiar with the various courts that handle these infractions and offenses, and this knowledge can be used to your benefit. 
  • Most traffic cases depend on the officer’s written report or citation, and sometimes, his or her testimony against you. If we can find flaws with the officer’s report, there is a good chance that your ticket may be dismissed. If the officer is subpoenaed and fails to appear on the court date, your ticket could even be dismissed because of the failure to appear.

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Criminal Traffic charges

Hit and Run

Negligent Driving

Reckless Driving

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Our Team of Attorneys and Paralegals have over 30 years of combined experience.  We know the law and understand how to apply it to your case.


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We create a custom defense for every client.  Not all cases are the same and we know that.  Your concerns and goals are our top priority.



As a long time author and speaker Ms. Callahan is respected across the county for her trial skills and investigative knowledge.  He reputation proceeds herself when appearing in court.

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