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When looking to hire a Washington State DUI attorney, a significant concern is how much does a DUI Lawyer cost? Hiring a private attorney to handle your case is not inexpensive but can greatly increase your chances of a positive outcome, which is priceless. A positive outcome may result in a reduced charge, dismissal or minimal fines imposed by the court.

DUI lawyers fees vary greatly. When researching and pricing law firms for your DUI case, be cautious of cut-rate lawyers. Cut-rates usually translate to bad results because such lawyers must take on more cases to make ends meet. Cut-rate lawyers are often too busy to keep you informed, or to devote the effort necessary to get you the best possible result. Their “investigation” consists of merely reading the police report and telling you to plead guilty. If you would rather plead guilty to your DUI charge, save your money and enter the guilty plea yourself. However, we hope that you do not do that. A diligent investigation often results (at least it usually does for our clients) in a reduction of the DUI to a lesser offense, avoiding the lifelong stigma of a DUI conviction that will never be removed from your record.

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Affordable DUI Lawyers | Callahan Law, P.S., Inc.At Callahan Law, P.S., Inc., we strive to keep our rates affordable, allowing the benefit of our extensive knowledge, experience, and the diligence we apply in every case, even to those on a tight budget. Look at our client reviews and compare them with other firms claiming to be DUI defense lawyers. We are consistently rated 5 of 5 stars, with hundreds of online reviews. This is what we do and we do it with excellence.

We always offer a flat fee for DUI cases, meaning we do not charge by the hour. You do not have to be worried about being “nickeled and dimed” for every phone call, email or meeting with your lawyer. We offer a 10% discount for clients who are able to pay our flat fee in full, as well as long-term financing with low monthly payments.

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