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Olympia DUI Lawyer – The ability to drive, make a living to provide for their families, and freedom from incarceration are things that most people take for granted. All these essential rights that you now enjoy are at stake if you have been charged with DUI or Physical Control in Olympia, WA or Thurston County, WA.  At Callahan Law, P.S., Inc. we have found that initially, persons charged with DUI are traumatized. Typically, they have been law-abiding all their lives. They have also always seen themselves as being against drunk-driving. Often, they are overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety, depression, and are disgusted with either themselves or the humiliating process they have just experienced.

What we have also found is that these anxious feelings tend to subside as the person becomes informed, understands the potential consequences, and becomes aware of options and strategies that give them hope. At Callahan Law, P.S., Inc., this is what we do: We offer hope and the reduction of anxiety. We hope the following information will be helpful in that regard. However, if you need someone to talk to at this moment, we are here for you to give you the information you need.

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A Close Look at the Olympia DUI Process

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If you have been arrested for DUI or physical control in Olympia Washington, you will be required to appear before a judge in a very short time following your arrest, usually, the afternoon of the next business day. If you have any prior alcohol-related offenses, it is imperative that you have a local, Olympia DUI Lawyer at your side for your first court appearance, as the judges in this county are known to be tough on repeat offenders.

If not, you will face the judge alone and that may result in the judge imposing severe restrictions on you, such as:

  • Taking you into custody
  • Requiring a high bail amount be posted for you to be released
  • Requiring that you wear an ankle bracelet with GPS that senses alcohol in your body and sets of an alert to the court, at your own expense of around $15 per day
  • Requiring that you carry with you a Breath Alcohol Monitoring Device, at your own expense, that randomly buzzes you throughout the day to give a breath sample
  • Requiring that you have an ignition interlock device installed, at your own expense, on any vehicle you drive

At the first court hearing, you will be advised of the charge against you and of your constitutional rights. You will be asked to enter a plea: guilty or not guilty. In most cases, a plea of “not guilty” is recommended. Following this, the court will determine what conditions are necessary to ensure that you will Olympia DUI Lawyer | Callahan Law, P.S., Inc.return for your next hearing and that you will not commit a similar offense while your case is pending. If this is your first offense and there is no accident or high breath/blood test involved, you will likely be released on your own recognizance (PR’d). You will have to maintain certain conditions the judge imposes to continue on this status, such as law-abiding behavior, and non-consumption of alcohol, marijuana or non-prescribed drugs.

However, if you do have a prior alcohol-related offense, or an extremely high breath or blood test result, or if an accident happened with your DUI, the prosecutor may ask the court to impose more stringent restrictions of release, possibly including the posting of bail. This may require that you have a friend or family member engage a bail-bonds person to pay a premium and post a bond for your release from jail.

Washington’s DUI Penalties


While DUI is illegal and punishable by law in all states, Washington is known for having one of the most punitive approaches to dealing with drunk drivers.

A good Olympia DUI Lawyer, one who is well-seasoned in DUI defense, may help you avoid the most serious consequences that accompany a conviction for DUI which include:

  • Mandatory jail time
  • Mandatory fines, costs, and assessments
  • Mandatory suspension or revocation of your license
  • Mandatory ignition interlock device installation to start and drive your vehicle
  • Mandatory substance abuse evaluation, and treatment, if requiredThurston County DUI Lawyers | Callahan Law, P.S., Inc.
  • Attendance at alcohol drug information school and/or a DUI victim’s impact panel
  • 5 years on probation

If you have a history of certain prior offenses, they may count against you, resulting in enhanced penalties including significantly extended confinement in jail, higher fines, and a longer license revocation and ignition interlock period. A fifth DUI in 10 years will be prosecuted as a felony, and conviction likely means incarceration in prison.

Aside from the penalties the court will impose, the consequences pile up, even those that arise outside of the courtroom. You will need to obtain SR22 insurance and your insurance rates may rise. You may have difficulty renting a vehicle on business trips or vacation. You may be prevented from entering foreign countries, such as Canada. You may have problems with current or future employment. If you have a specialized license or board certification for your job, your employer may seek to terminate your employment. Aside from all these, the anxiety, depression, embarrassment, and humiliation that accompany an arrest for drunk driving may also take a toll on the driver as well as his or her family.

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