DUI License Suspension

The department of licensing in every DUI case where there’s either a breath test, a breath test refusal, or a blood analysis with a sufficiently high alcohol or THC result will pursue an automatic administrative suspension of a person’s license or privilege to drive and the length of that suspension depends on the circumstances of the case. The only way to potentially prevent that suspension or revocation from happening is to request an administrative hearing with the department of licensing and there are strict time periods for requesting that hearing.

How to win a DUI | DOL Hearing:

DOL hearings are very difficult to win in Washington. The statewide dismissal rate for the department of licensing hearings is usually somewhere between 10-20 percent and the odds are always stacked against us. But at Callahan Law, we spend a great amount of time and energy in coming up with strategies and perfecting strategies for prevailing with the department of licensing hearings.

Due to our strategies in 2015 we were able to secure a dismissal rate of 34 percent well above the state average and we feel very confident in the way we employ all of these strategies to try and help our clients avoid suspension by the department of licensing. If you’re dealing with an administrative suspension with the department of licensing the best thing to do is give us a call. Let us know what happened and we can give more specific information on the odds of winning your DUI hearing and how we can try to achieve that result.


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How to win a DUI DOL Hearing